Our services

Our services are focused on the visual field of branding. For any of these services, we advise and work together with the client to clearly define the objectives of the project and the results they want to obtain.


Visual identity

The corporate image is the perception that the public has of a certain company. From graphic design we develop the visual identity of companies based on the design of logos regulated by visual identity manuals, corporate stationery, signage, corporate communications, packaging and websites.


The packaging of a product not only fulfills the function of protecting it but also of seducing the customer. The image of a company is conditioned to a large extent by the way in which its products are presented. We enhance the image of products through the design of original packaging that impacts and is linked to the consumer.


Currently, the Internet has become one of the most influential means of global communication and is essential for any company that is present in the network of networks. We develop websites tailored to your company with management platforms or purely informative.


Branding is the process in which the style, personality and tone of voice of the brand is developed in order to define its spirit. All this is reflected in a Brand Manual (Brand-book) in which these parameters are defined and explained with the use of images and concepts, which serves to guide and guide all communications and future actions.


Brand logos or symbols play a fundamental role in any current market. They identify, differentiate and communicate the tangible and intangible attributes of each company. We design logos based on the study of the market of each client, studying factors such as the target audience, competition, and complying with the highest quality parameters.


The editorial design is essentially the layout of the information. Our goal is to create publications that enhance information and messages from graphic clarity and creativity in magazines, books, newspapers, brochures, catalogs.

Wayfinding systems and environmental graphics

Wayfinding systems and environmental graphics allows organizing a specific physical space through a set of signs or symbols with the aim of guiding and guiding people. Wayfinding systems are also a corporate identity resource that can be extended to the conceptual setting of spaces, allowing the generation of experiences and sensory links with the brand.

Audiovisual production

In partnership with Giuseppe Flandoli we offer the service of production of advertising audiovisual pieces of a cinematographic nature. We produce brand films, photography, pack-shots, advertising, short films, institutional films, documentaries and new content formats for social networks with the highest possible level of visual quality. Visit the portfolio of our cinematograph at: www.giuseppeflandoli.com