bri: bienes raíces independientes
Visual identity for real estate company

Corporate Stationery

Bri is an Ecuadorian company focused on the sale of properties. Its objective is to stand out from its competition with a new identity that reflects the concept of quality and luxury architecture planned to satisfy the 5 senses.

The symbol represents our five senses: 5 circles in the form of the initial of the mark. We choose the shape of the circles to represent the natural, organic and basic form of the human home: the planet earth.

We designed a minimalist and elegant visual identity that reflects the type of real estate that the company develops.

Corporate Stationery


For the design of the stationery we use black and gold ink to communicate the luxury, quality and exclusivity in a brand that can be categorized as aspirational.

Corporate cards


Brand use manual

Architectural plans

Brand applications on billboards

Brand applications






Platinum Award at Creativity International Awards in the category of Corporate Identity design
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